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Labour Welfare Fund {LWF}

LWF stands for Labour Welfare Fund. It is a statutory endowment managed by individual state authorities to upgrade the working conditions of laborers. It supports labourers in many ways including social and financial security and raises their standard of living.

Various states have authorized the Labour Welfare Fund Act specifically to focus on the welfare of Labourers. It embodies various benefits and facilities by the employer. Such facilities are contributed by both employer and employee. The contribution rate is different for both.

The LWF contribution by the employer is INR 12 for the salary above INR 3,000/- and contribution by the employee is INR 6 for salary up to INR 3,000/- per month. LWF does not apply to those who work in a managerial or supervisory position and draws salary above INR 3,500/-  LWF is to be deposited in June and December.

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