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Induction is the mechanism by which a new employee is welcomed to the corporation and their new role. This involves not only consulting with meeting managers and staff, but also learning about the building and its architecture, receiving phone and IT system training, and being acquainted with rules and procedures.

Benefits of Induction

  • It will save you time and money because you will be less likely to have to restart the recruiting process.
  • It’s a chance to let the ideas flow. Instead of approaching an induction like a check-the-box exercise, use it to demonstrate why the business is so amazing and to highlight its best features.
  • The more successful and competitive the person is in their position, the smoother the induction process is. They’ll be able to easily start contributing to the larger business with their jobs until they’ve gained the necessary skills and training.
  • People who feel respected and spoken to will gain trust which will play into team cohesion and continue to maintain a healthy business atmosphere.


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