Employee Self Service { ESS }

ESS means Employee Self Service. It is an automation technology widely used by HR (Human Resource) these days to manage multiple HR tasks on a unified platform or software by employees themselves. Employee Self Service helps many organizations save employee hours and increase team productivity. ESS is a concept that works on a cloud-based software (internet-based framework) that can be accessed by using login credentials on the web or application.

The concept is commonly called as ESS (Employee Self Service) portal which helps employees to manage their own leaves, payroll, access to payslips, attendance, tasks, change of personal details in MIS, etc.

Benefits of ESS

  • Employee Self Service portal or the concept empowers employees to update their own information such as address, contact details, bank account information.
  • ESS also allows employees to view their payroll and download salary slip online like generally, banks provide a bank statement on the banking portal.
  • Few ESS portals also have an internal chat feature that keeps every conversation in a unified location.