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Handling expenses is the biggest menace for any finance team. Not with Keka. From collecting receipts from employees to maintaining compliance and reimbursing employees on time, Keka makes the whole process seamless.

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Scan Receipts

Go paperless with mobile receipt scanning

Capturing a receipt is as simple as taking a camera shot and Keka expense management software takes care of the rest. The AI engine extracts the information from the receipts saving time for your employees.

Mobile Receipt Scanning

Spending limits

Set rate limits and avoid overages before submission

Keka expense management system helps your organization stay frugal with preconfigured rules. Set rate limits upfront for various bands of employees, so your teams can avoid awkward conversations on the money spent.

Set Rate Limit

Policy configuration

Custom policies for different geographies and employees

Not all employees have the same spend needs. Keka expense management lets you configure various policies applicable for various geographies, departments, or bands of employees such as executives, the management, or team leads.

Customize Expense Policy

Mileage tracking

Automatic mileage tracking linked to attendance punches

Keka travel and expense management software can automatically track mileage based on the attendance punches made by your field staff so they do not have to explicitly log their miles.

Track your remote employee
Vibha Singh
Prior to Keka, we were using expensive cards for our sales and senior executives. With Keka, we were able to allocate spends across all teams.
Vibha Singh Director- Human Resources
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Prior to Keka, we were using expensive cards for our sales and senior executives. With Keka, we were able to allocate spends across all teams.

Vibha Singh

Vibha Singh

Director- Human Resources

Travel desk

Provide a travel desk concierge service to your employees

Keka lets your employees book a travel request, have it go through an approval process. Once approved, your travel desk team can make all the travel and stay arrangements and share the tickets with your employees. All remotely!

Multiple Currencies

Payroll integration

Reimburse expenses along with Payroll

Keka's employee expense management software is tightly integrated with the payroll engine. All your employee expense reimbursements can be made along with salary disbursement. In an unlikely event, should you need, you can even hold to pay the expenses in the next payroll cycle.

Learn about Payroll Software
Reimburse expense with Payroll

Payroll integration

Release cash advances and adjust balances in payroll

Your employees cannot always afford to spend from their pocket for larger expenses. Keka expense management software allows you to release cash advances, so your employees can start tracking receipts against the advances. Any unclaimed amount can automatically be deducted from payroll.

Multiple Currencies

Configurable workflows

Set automatic approvals or custom approval workflows

Keka expense software can be configured to have expenses auto-approved for the pre-allocated spend limits. For every other expense, you can customize the approval workflows based on the amount spent or based on geography, department, or band of employees.

Customize Expense Workflows


Inbox: One place to track all expenses

All your employees and managers can keep track of pending expense requests in one place - The Inbox. The innovative feature from Keka helps you track all your actions, so you don't miss them.

Inbox - Track all action at one place

Frequently asked questions

Expense management refers to the recording, tracking, and processing of employee spending in order to facilitate reimbursements. Such expenses include meals, transportation, shipping, lodging, and other business-related costs. While some companies do it manually, other growing organizations prefer using an expense management system to automate such tasks.

The main goal of expense management is to reduce costs through accurate tracking and proper cost management, thereby achieving operational efficiency. It aids in the processing of employee expenditure so that organizations can monitor employee spending and control it to improve efficiency. Ultimately, companies can manage their procurement costs, investments, and operational costs as well.

Expense management software or system is a tool that automates the entire process from recording to reimbursement. It generates expense reports on the expenditure of the employees, which are used to compensate the employees. This system also monitors expenses for departments based on the type and amount spent.

An expense management system automates the tedious process of gathering all the paper receipts and scanning images. Instead, it records everything in a single database and removes any need for paperwork or human effort. Without an expense management system, employees will have to spend hours forwarding paper receipts, images, and spreadsheets to the finance department. It initiates reimbursements and creates instant reports which normally take several days to weeks.

An ideal expense management software should ease the process of scanning receipts by extracting all the relevant information from them. It should allow users to track all expenses in a single place, set automatic or custom workflows, and send reminders in case of any violations. Additionally, it should allow users to set rate limits and various expense policies while also integrating with the payroll and attendance system.

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