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We have already highlighted why we should care about employee engagement and how engaged employees and disengaged employees can impact the growth of the company. Because of the extensive nature of the term, employee engagement has been misunderstood in various contexts as well. So we have decided to compile the top 5 myths about employee engagement. Here they are –

1. Huge Paychecks Yield Strong Loyalty

There is wrong conviction that employees are motivated only by money. It is only true for some part, many a times you may need to go beyond paychecks to retain your best employees.

According to the study published, more than 40% of the people want work place rewards such as educational opportunities which can further improve their career path and many employees want to emotionally connect to the mission and service of the organization.

 2. High Performers Don’t Need Extra Motivation

According to a report, low performers are more engaged than medium and high performers in more than 42% of the organizations.

We often think that high performers are self-motivators and they don’t need extra motivation. Most of the employers focus time and money on average and poor employees while top performers who are making the great contribution to the company are neglected.

Know what motivates top performers and keep exposing them to inspirational people, since they do not need core training as for average and low performers.

3. Managers Know How To Engage Employees

This is another common misconception that many people have. Managers aren’t engagement experts. They too need help. It is mandatory to give training to a manager before expecting results from them.

It is the employers’ duty to ensure that managers have essential tools to gauge their employees.

4. Recognition Programs Have No ROI

This is downright myth. Companies that implement recognition programs have strong business outcomes and have 23% increased revenue than those companies without.

5. Employee Engagement Requires A Large Budget

Saying a few kind words about fellow employee and their accomplishments doesn’t cost any money at all. Ensure that you mean what you say and compliment them in front of other employees.

There are many such things you can do to foster employee engagement which doesn’t cost you much like hosting a small contest or organizing a movie marathon.

You can also implement a pay-for-performance culture recognizing the best performance among employees and also ensure that the total rewards package is fair and competitive.

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