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Ekincare and Keka Coming Together To Strengthen Employee Well-being and Engagement

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Ekincare and Keka are driven to design an experience for both employees and as well as businesses in discovering the importance of employee wellbeing. 

Keka ekincare partnership

This is where ekincare helps organizations in administering health benefits for employees through structured health data and AI-driven analytics, thus making it possible for them to create a preventive, predictive, and highly personalized healthcare journey for their employees. 

Well-Being – A Key Component Of Employee Experience

ekincare is an AI-powered integrated health benefits platform helping organizations monitor the health and well-being of their employees. The platform provides access to a multitude of healthcare services covering all the pillars of health – physical, mental, nutrition, and fitness!

The integrated telemedicine platform provides access to 24×7 doctor consultations, online delivery of medications, health checks, access to 6000+ fitness centers, and health coach programs. 

In addition to this, the platform generates a personalized journey for each employee based on their health risk assessment and past medical records. This nudges employee towards a healthier lifestyle resulting in overall savings in healthcare costs for the organization. 

Trusted by Fortune 500 clients like Unilever, eBay, Nike, ABinBevetcekincare has helped 650+ corporates to fight COVID-19 in India. One of the fastest-growing health benefits platforms in India, ekincare’s AI platform helps track, measure, and improve the employee health and well-being initiatives anytime, anywhere.

It uses data to profile health risks, personalized recommendations, and develop population analytics (anonymously) for the organizations. This also helps insurance companies identify risk clusters, do better underwriting, and provide better premium rates. 

On the other hand, Keka aims out to remove the fallacies engulfing the HR by giving them a true experience of automation of HR functions from the start to the very end. Functions such as onboarding, employee database, attendance, leaves, payroll, etc. are streamlined over the platform eliminating the mundane and conventional practices.

At the same time, it’s also an employee-centric self-service portal making it an extensive and robust platform for organizations. 

A Step Towards Building A Strong Eco-System

Together Keka and ekincare will fulfill the organization’s needs at different levels. While employee engagement and organizational well-being are taken care of by ekincare which are considered to be very vital, Keka takes care of the operational processes from both sides of the employee and the employer. 

The partnership will help bring Fortune-500 health benefits to many other organizations and startups as well, that are being catered to by Keka. 

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