DDN Streamlined Its Leave Management Process

DDN is the world's largest private data storage company. It delivers AI, data management software, and hardware solutions. Due to zero automation, the real challenge was to manage HR processes for international employees scattered in the UK, US, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. HRs from DDN's Indian unit were already aware of Keka's prowess. So, DDN implemented Keka for employees at other locations to manage attendance, payroll, leave, etc., with ease.

Poonam Arora

HR Specialist-International

My experience with Keka has been wonderful. It is a straightforward and convenient platform. In addition, the support team has made our journey incredible.

The big impact

After implementing Keka, DDN’s employees enjoyed the following benefits:   

  • By configuring the leave policies, accrual rate, and leave approval flow, the HR team saved 15 hours in the leave management process. 
  • With a single click, the management and employees had access to all the details related to leaves. 
  • Admin can easily pull reports with leave data to analyze or showcase to the management. 
  • The user-friendly UI and the ease of applying for a leave prompted a 35% increase in employee satisfaction. 

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Information Technology


Chatsworth, CA



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The HR Specialist

Time taken for decision

15 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Spend more time on employee interaction

Download detailed case study