Amura uses Keka to automate HR processes and IT declarations

Amura Marketing Technologies offers 360-degree growth marketing solutions to help brands win long-term in the market. With the workforce distributed across several cities, the HR team had difficulties in manually maintaining the documents. Also, the finance team was having a tough time managing Payroll, IT declarations without any errors. For better growth of the organization, Amura partnered with Keka for improved services, accurate output, and better handholding while facing problems.

Neha Kaul

HR Manager

The Customer Support team at Keka never let the customers felt un-heard. They are exceptional and perpetually available to answer any query at any time. All of our reports and dashboards, analytics, and audits are readily available via this highly systematized software. Their openness to feedback, suggestions, and requests to improve the tool according to our needs is admirable.

The big impact

The Big Impact: 

After implementing Keka, Amura’s Human Services saw the following results: 

  • Bulk uploads made the salary hike process efficient and helped the finance team to calculate arrears and hikes accurately. 
  • With centralized digital data, the HR team is no longer required to maintain paper documents.  
  • Keka’s remote clock-in options helped in capturing the attendance of remote employees without any errors. 
  • A fully automated and customizable appraisal process helped Amura build a transparent performance culture. 


Media & Entertainment


Pune, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

HR Manager

Time taken for decision

30 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Hire better

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