Don’t wait until the annual review. Feedback is best when it is in-the-moment

Keka understands the real value of appreciation in the performance of an employee. The continuous feedback software enables you to provide feedback as an ongoing process. This way, employees are praised for good work, and their mistakes are corrected on time.

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Recognize a good job done and praise in public

Praise in public and correct in private’, a golden rule for optimizing performance that always works. Keka helps you to maintain that. Your managers can appreciate your employees in public, which will be visible to everyone.

Give Public rewards and recognition employees with Keka's Performance Management Software

Provide private feedback and capture internal notes

In Keka, managers can send private feedback to the employees, along with appreciating them in public. This way, employees can self-analyze their performance as they get actionable insights. Managers can also maintain internal notes about each employee for their personal reference in the future. It helps managers during appraisals.

Provide private Feedbacks with Keka's Performance Management Software
1:1 Meeting

Continuous feedback with 1:1 meeting

Keka gives a space to your managers to schedule a dedicated one-on-one meeting for understanding the ongoing performance and providing feedback. These one-on-one meetings can be scheduled on Keka’s shared calendar which automatically blocks the available time slot.

One on one meeting with Continuous Feedback
Shashikanth Jayaraman, VP HR

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Shashikanth Jayaraman, Vice President HR

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Shashikanth Jayaraman

Vice President HR


Review past feedback in annual performance reviews

Annual performance reviews are directly related to payroll and need actual insights to take right decisions. Keka empowers you with the tool where you can review past feedbacks, rating and notes related to employees which can help in taking annual appraisal decisions.

Review past feedback and annual Performance Reviews with Keka's Performance Management Software

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