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Compensation Management Software

Manage employee compensation with ease

Keka helps you manage and plan your compensation strategies, so your employees are always paid fairly and competitively. Accurately manage your employee salary revisions and never err on what matters most to employees.

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Salary revisions

Keep track of revision cycles and revise salary anytime

Keka gives you visibility of all pending salary revisions. Should you need to revise a salary in advance, Keka lets you schedule a revision in the future too. And when you missed revising a salary, Keka payroll takes care of the arrears for delayed revisions.

Revise Salary independently with ease

Optimized salaries

Customize salary structures for the best take-home salary

Keka provides you optimized salary templates that you can readily use. You can also customize the templates for all salary ranges and senior executives or the floor teams.

Custom Salary Structure

Gain insights

Compensation analytics and Compa ratio

Keka provides rich compensation analytics that can help you in your compensation planning. You can further gain insights on the pay distributions among genders, departments, etc.

Insights on Salary and Compensation
Rajesh K
One of the best employees friendly. Compensation management in Pharma is very complex, but Keka made it easy, like never before.
Rajesh K Vice President- HR | Metrochem
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One of the best employees friendly. Compensation management in Pharma is very complex, but Keka made it easy, like never before.

Rajesh K

Rajesh K

Vice President- HR | Metrochem

Compensation Analytics

Forecasting by Salary cost

Employee salaries are the biggest expenses for most businesses. Keka Payroll helps you plan your cash flows and show you changes in actuals from the planned salaries.

Compensation Analytics and estimates, help you plan out for future

Budget planning

Plan and budget your new hires to align with your strategy

Keka payroll software helps you budget various job role hiring and give you a project of the employee costs.

Plan Budget with new hires

Compa Ratio

Measuring employees competitiveness in terms of compensation

Most enterprises would like to have fair pay practices, but lack tools to measure pay vs performance. Keka compensation software allows you to track the performance of employees vs pay comparison to ensure your high performing employees are not underpaid.

Compensation planning for measuring the employee competitiveness correctly

Salary timeline

See all the history of salary revisions of an employee

Keka provides an easy view of all employee salary revisions that keeps track of all variable performance bonuses too. In addition, Keka helps record any additional notes against these revisions.

History or Salary revision and flow across tax slabs available

Frequently asked questions

Compensation management software allows you to calculate and communicate total rewards, a tailored summary of the value of each employee's compensation package, which includes things like health insurance and retirement savings

Compensation management software that is properly deployed may assist managers and HR make wise, educated decisions about recruiting and compensation planning. Employee engagement, retention, and productivity can all benefit from a company that delivers cutting-edge compensation.

Keka’s compensation management system gives you a comprehensive set of features to manage your compensation plan. The insightful analytics allow you to analyze trends right from Upcoming Salaries and Revisions to Planned vs Actual Pay compensation.

Companies need to adopt a strategic approach to compensation planning in order to retain top talent. Compensation planning involves more than spreadsheets to be successful. This is where compensation management software comes into picture and helps navigate the compensation strategies and plans in the right direction.

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With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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