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Keka & ICICI Connected Banking integration
Keka & ICICI connected banking integration

Here comes the bright side Salary payment is now one click away Salary payments are eased as Keka is now partnered with ICICI bank Here is how the integration is useful Easy and quick payment of salaries The tedious process of generating and uploading transfer statements is now no more

6 min read
Employee Attrition
Keka – Your Fellow Traveller in the Journey of Anticipating Future Attrition!

  Every year a large number of companies hire new staff Not only do the organizations devote time and money in training new employees but they also have internal training programs for their current personnel The goal of these programs is to make their workforce more productive and engaged  

7 min read
Quarterly reviews
Quarterly Reviews to Save Your Organization from Annual Performance Headaches

Are you someone who waits for the entire year to conduct performance reviews  If yes then this strategy might be disastrous for your performance management plans in the future Employees can leave anytime and you dont come across poorly performing employees only a month before the annual performa

4 min read
Helpdesk Reports
Employee Reports to Empower Your HRs!

Human resource reports play a crucial role in management decisions Traditional data collection and storage techniques often result in the deposition of vast volumes of paper in filing cabinets It will be relatively simple to locate files pertaining to individual staff Finding patterns in this web of

8 min read
Keka hire reports and analytics
How Keka Hire reports and analytics benefit Leadership and management

For any business to outdo themselves it requires a more profound look within   Because even though a business outdid its competitors there could still be something it can improvise and leverage One crucial facet where attention is required is recruitment It is the starting point of the race to

5 min read
An apple with inserted injections
Professional Services Automation (PSA) software that improves business outcomes

If you manage a team or a large number of employees whether inoffice hybrid or remote it can be hard to track employee attendance and schedule  Obviously no manager grew up dreaming about manually creating and updating spreadsheets Everyone wants to spend valuable time on the strategic aspects o

6 min read
Services Industries are using data and analytics to ensure utilization of project resources in a legit way

Data when used right is a darn good thing said every modern organization that is leveraging it to their advantage   Imagine that you along with other stakeholders are working on a crucial project for the company You want to spend your time making business decisions but all you do is track proj

5 min read
Create a safe workplace with Keka’s Facial Recognition Attendance

The workforce has slowly started to return to their offices in phases owing to decreasing intensity of Covid To ensure employeesafety companies are turning onto contactless attendance systems at the entry points and inside workplaces Facial recognition is one such technology that businesses are

8 min read
Compensation Analytics Is No More Complex With Keka!

Compensation is a culturedefining term for an organization Why Heres the answer Based on how the compensation plan is designed communicated and managed it can positively or negatively impact the organizational culture and performance    The CEB Analytics study shows that when companies

13 min read

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