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What is a Timesheet? and How Can it Transform Your Business?

Time is an essential part of what makes your business work And tracking it accurately can make all the difference So can a small mistake Centuryold manual systems pave way for errors costing you your profits  It is and inaccurate paper time cards timeconsuming stamping methods and messy Excel s

10 min read
Job Enrichment: A Comprehensive Guide

Meet Omer He has been working at a company since the past years as a content writer His work involves writing the blog sending it across to the editor for proofreading and then to the SEO expert for optimization However lately Omer has been feeling unsatisfied with his work which he says has be

17 min read
Performance Appraisal vs Performance Review Blog Cover
A Detailed Comparison Between Performance Review and Appraisal

We often find employees and sometimes even the management being confused between performance reviews and performance appraisals In many cases these terms are used interchangeably which is not helpful at all However we need to understand that there are very specific differences between the two  T

5 min read
How to Prepare for Your Self Review
How to Prepare for Your Self-Review

Reviews over time have become a huge part of our lives Whether they are reviews about a movie you want to go to a product you want to buy or even your performance reviews at work The reviews have become very important because we have come to realize that having these reviews  in place is actuall

9 min read
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120+ Performance Appraisal Comments to Convey the Right Feedback

Giving feedback to employees can be tough Especially when it is negative   Managers often go wrong with this leading to employees walking out of their performance appraisal meetings confused  It is important to communicate clearly and effectively to help your workforce understand their plus

20 min read
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What’s the difference between a Leader and a Manager?

All managers are leaders but all leaders are not managers Let us start by putting this across first Though considered as overlapping entities the role of a leader and a manager are functionally very different from each other   How you ask  Leadership is not a facet of management There w

6 min read
performance improvement plan process
How to Create a Performance Improvement Plan?

When we hear that someone in the team or in the organization has been put on a Performance Improvement Plan the first thoughts in our heads may be associated with a negative connotation of the concept A lot of employees believe that it is the first step an organization would take in order to lay som

14 min read
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HR Metrics: Definition, advantages, examples, and what to measure

Strategic HR is gaining popularity along with HR automation They go handinhand when it comes to building sustainable businesses around the world HR metrics are a way to assess the functioning of several employee aspects and how smoothly they are running  So what is HR metrics  Before I e

7 min read
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One on One Meeting- benefits, checklist, agenda, templates, a complete guide

If you work then every day you spend some time at meetings Meetings can be of different types such as group meetings meetings to plan meetings team meetings and more Perhaps the most misunderstood out of all is a one on one meeting   Why  Because managers think that  to  meetings are a

8 min read
Performance appraisal
Performance Appraisal – Definition, Process, Objectives, Methods, Examples, A Full Guide

Most employees and managers dont fully utilize the appraisal process No wonder they get paltry raises and zero recognition It leads to resentment against the organization  Why  Because everyone remembers about it on the final day of the review cycle This final day is often an output o

9 min read

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