employee incentive benefits
Employee Incentive Programs: Benefits, Examples and Best Practices

In the rapidly evolving workplaces businesses strive to maintain profitability and sustainability Staying as a Market Leader or maintaining a stable position is challenging When asked What is the way to attract and retain top talent in an organization The answer at most times is a competitive

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attracting right talent
Standing Out from the Crowd: How to Attract the Right Talent in a Competitive Market?

A study by The Josh Bersin Company revealed that today around % of companies are struggling to recruit to find and attract talent According to a report by SHRM the struggle to attract talent can be accounted for the battle for top talent among employers as competition from employers stands at th

19 min read
Turning Appraisal Blues to Employee Happiness – Strategies for Post-Appraisal Management

In a survey conducted by a top recruitment agency around % of employees wanted to change jobs after the appraisal season Performance appraisals are one of the most awaited seasons for employees who have put in all the long hours at work and clocked allnighters Its the time when their hard work and r

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Team Building Activities
Team Building Activities: Key to a More Collaborative Workplace

In todays fastpaced and interconnected world Effective teamwork lies at the heart of successful organizations thriving educational institutions and highperforming sports teams As individuals come together to pursue a common goal it becomes important to cultivate a cohesive and collaborative envi

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How to create competency framework that fuels your business
How to create competency framework that fuels your business

In World War II the US Army Air Corps did something different that helped them win   The Axis firepower on the opposite side had swelled and become more lethal Only innovation could help defeat it   So the Americans selected and trained fighter pilots based on what they did rather than wha

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Innovative ways to reward and recognize
Beyond the bonus: Innovative ways to reward and recognize employees

The marketing team at Callyton Inc failed to meet its monthly target for the third time   The top decisionmakers were frustrated and constantly thinking of ways to break this curse   Finally Michael the CEO came up with a unique strategy He started sending a personalized Good Job message fo

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Employee Pulse Survey Guide
Employee Pulse Survey Guide: Tips, Best Practices, and Examples

Consider the following scenario You work at an MNC as a Software Engineer or a Cloud Solution Architect   Your HR department sends you a survey when you walk through the door at am or log in remotely from home using your corporate laptop There are a few questions in the poll about your time at

20 min read
9 Grid Box Performance Matrix Feature Image
9-Box Grid Matrix and What Many People Don’t Get About It

It has been more than years since the box grid matrix was born in the boardrooms of McKinsey and Co Interestingly it was developed not to measure employee performance Its original application was to help General Electric identify areas best suited for investment Eventually the model evolved into a

21 min read
Core values help to build win work culture
Creating A Winning Work Culture With Core Values

A few questions for all the new startup founders Are your mission statement vision and core values the crux of your daytoday activities Are these the foundational drivers behind your brand image in the marketplace Or are they just trivial words in your About Us page  If these questions boggle yo

19 min read

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