human resource planning guide
Human Resource Planning: Meaning, Importance, Process.

Human Resource Planning (HRP) is the process of understanding the requirements of an organization in terms of how many and what kind of individuals are needed It is also known as workforce planning It identifies the current and future demands of a business to help achieve targets effectively

25 min read
hr checklist for startups
HR Checklist For Startups: 12 Templates & 8 Best Practices

Startups already have a lot on their plates and so do their HR departments The past few years saw a revolution in the workplace incorporating resignations remote work new compliances etc This has only added to the workload of HR bearing more and more need for a todo listlike thing an HR Checklis

14 min read
employee warning letter templates
How to Write a Warning Letter to Employee With Templates

Employee misconduct and negligence at the workplace can occasionally have significant consequences This can further lead to issuing verbal or written warnings and even termination Organizations might encounter a situation where an employee is violating misbehaving or wrongdoing Employers and

14 min read
what is a hr strategy
What is an HR Strategy and How to Create One?

What words spring to mind when the term HR strategy is mentioned It could be centered around programming and planning your HR processes  Well you may not be far off from the real definition!  In order to accomplish corporate business goals an HR strategy specifies the HR and workforce pr

24 min read
keka ahmedabad conclave
Keka HR Conclave Ahmedabad: Diversity at Workplace a Boost for L&D Efforts

Diversity in organizations boosted learning and development of employees as it promoted a variety of viewpoints and working styles said a speaker at the Keka HR Conclave in Ahmedabad  Anusha Sharma HR Head Amara Learning Spaces Private Limited suggested that having diversity at workplace len

5 min read
rating scale
When to Ditch the Rating Scale: Signs Your Performance Management System Needs an Upgrade

Performance review rating scales gained popularity when the system was championed by the CEO of General Electric It adopted a numerical ranking system and each individual was evaluated and ranked against peers The bottom % would then be fired GE followed the system for decades before shifting to

23 min read
organization cultures
Types of Organizational Culture – What’s your style?

What do employees seek in their professional lives If you think its money you might be wrong its the purpose that they seek  Really Yes % of managers feel that a candidates alignment with the company culture is more important than the skills and competencies they possess Then lets d

17 min read
hr scorecard guidelines
Implementing HR Scorecard: Creation & Guidelines

What is an HR Scorecard An HR Scorecard is a tool that helps a company use its human resources strategically and prove how HR contributes to financial success The scorecard measures HR deliverables metrics and KPIs that help companies assess and foresee organizational growth and development 

21 min read
crafting impactfull performance
How to Craft Impactful Performance Review Comments

As you sit across from your employee during performance review time you feel uncertain The meeting has arrived but you struggle to recall specific examples of their performance amidst the multiple responsibilities and pressing matters you have had at work You contemplate delivering negative comm

19 min read

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