Culture Strategy
Founders! Are you and your core team ready to answer the culture question?

Does this story sound familiar   How does it feel when you are finally ready with your business idea You are bristling with excitement and raring to go   Your core team has assembled the capital has been secured and plans are in place   You hit the ground running as you and your team

21 min read
Future of HR Featured Image
Future of HR: Why 2023 is the Best Time to Enter the People Profession

HR professionals need to walk with a swagger Leena Nair  This is one of the first statements made by Leena Nair the illustrious Indianborn executive who went on to become the first Asian to head Chanel the reputed French fashion company Born and brought up in India Leena chose to study Human Reso

15 min read
HRM Functions Blog Cover
Functions of an Human Resource Management(HRM)

Human Resource Management is a way of managing maintaining training and developing the key resource of any organization its people  It helps in the smooth functioning of an organization to work towards its goals Its the key factor that enables the employers and the organization to achieve their

10 min read
HR Certifications Blog Cover
7 Top-Notch HR Certifications of 2022

You probably havent had much experience with job interviews but youve probably observed that interviewers always ask about your knowledge talents and accomplishments during the interview The courses and certifications on the profile are the main elements that capture their attention and they are

14 min read
HR Blogs Featured Image
Top 30 HR Blogs You Must Follow

Learning never comes to an end And in order to run your business efficiently you must constantly adapt to new trends and strategies At the moment blogs are regarded as the knowledge hub And HR blogs are the best place to find detailed information about recruiting employee training and other topi

18 min read
HR Trends Blog Cover
9 HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Over the course of the s the scope of human resources expanded and evolved along with changes in how organizations function how teams are managed and employee expectations when it comes to work In the last couple of years the human element and employee engagement became a primary focus of HRs Ho

10 min read
HR Best Practices Blog Cover
8 Steps Guide to HR Best Practices

HRs are the backbone of the organization HRs are now involved with more than just recruiting dismissing and managing payroll it is also concerned with maintaining a balance between the employer and the employee fostering a great work culture employee training and development also entails engaging

17 min read
Happy Employees
What is People Strategy and Why Its Important?

The term People Strategy sounds pretty familiar and is commonly used in the business lingo as well What exactly is People Strategy and how much of it do we really understand  What is People Strategy  When simply put people strategy is the strategic outline that aligns the HR goals with the overa

7 min read
interview invitation emails blog cover
How to Nail Interview Invitation Emails (Expert Tips with Templates)

You have filtered the huge stack of job applications and are ready to interview the lucky few   But heres the main challenge To ensure the best fits actually make it to the interview   Why  Because candidates usually have several options to choose from   And there arent many skilled

14 min read
Employer Branding
What is Employer Branding and Why is it Important?

We all know that hiring the right person for the right job is the most basic and one of the first steps a recruiter needs to consider when on the lookout for talent As a recruiter one knows that the organizations longterm success depends on hiring the right talent who are not only qualified but

14 min read

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