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External Sources of Recruitment

Businesses compete for the best talent in the industry For every hire there lies a choice between internal placement or getting a candidate from the industry Talent acquisition teams must choose between internal and external sources of recruitment   The difference between the two is that on

8 min read
interview scheduling
Interview Scheduling: Guide, Best Practices and Email Template

The world over companies vie for the attention of the industrys best talent In this stiffly fought battle for candidate attention every step matters By simply paying attention to interview scheduling HR and recruitment professionals can make a huge shift in the overall interviewing experience 

23 min read
strategies of candidate sourcing
The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Imagine that you are an HR professional Most probably thats the case already So lets take it one step further Imagine that you are spending rd of your workweek on just task 💫 Sounds unrealistic Well the latest reports do prove the same HR professionals are indeed spending hou

17 min read
how to negotiate with hr
How to Negotiate Salary with HRs?

% of employees are unhappy with their current salary situations but only % are willing to negotiate In the context of Indian Law Salary negotiation is the process of discussion and agreement among the candidate (or employee) and the employer (or the representative the HR) regarding the compensa

23 min read
Recruitment Strategies For Startups
Top Recruitment Strategies for Startups to Attract and Retain Talent

Hiring The Right Talent Is Often the Most Differentiating Factor Between A Thriving Organization And A Struggling Organization  Gartner reports that % of critical roles in organizations remain vacant for more than five months due to the lack of sourcing and hiring the right talent To top it off

10 min read
Employee Onboarding Process
Employee Onboarding Process: A Detailed Guide

The employee onboarding process is filled with myriad challenges and difficulties They appear even before the onboarding process starts For instance a large number of job descriptions are misleading This leads to either inadequate or inaccurate expectations that can create friction between employers

13 min read
Value Based Hiring Featured Image
A Comprehensive Guide to Values Based Hiring

Recruiting the right talent for the right role is a tough job there is no guarantee that the candidate will perform and deliver on their skills the same as they did in their interviews and assessments once they are put into the role  Companies are more focused on valuebased hiring now to acquire

15 min read
job description tips
How to Write a Great Job Description- Top tips

You are just back from a big meeting The company has figured out what it needs to get bigger Hire enough skilled professionals You have been given a huge responsibility Sitting at your desk you try to figure out how to solve this problem You have an idea of what the job entails And posting job adver

17 min read
hiring tools types
All about Hiring Tools – Introduction, Types, and Advantages

Its tricky to find talent that suits your requirements skillset and also is a great fit for your company  If you are still stuck with manual processes you will be spending more time sifting through resumes instead of analyzing them   When youre dealing with a tough job of recruiting the right t

8 min read

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