discovering guiding principles
Personal values: Discover your guiding principles for work and life

Have you ever wondered what drives the worlds most successful people even the individuals we find unconventional Think about Adolf Hitler His questionable ideology aside theres no denying his dedication and adherence to his own twisted set of principles His actions demonstrate the power of ha

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dei in workplace
The Power of DEI in the Workplace

The war on DEI is gaining momentum Elon Musk tweeted this a few months ago DEI is just another word for racism  Around antiDEI bills in the US have also been passed targeting higher education institutions since While some of these bills failed to pass other policies have successfully

19 min read
create positive environment
How to create a positive work environment

What makes a company great Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company Says Brian Kristofek the CEO of Upshot Agency Let us consider the company Hilton In it was named one of the Worlds Best Multinational Workplaces Recently and fo

24 min read
organizational climate
Organizational Climate: Factors, Measurement, Impact

Employees have a certain perception or prenotion about the environment and atmosphere of a company This anticipation is known as organizational climate It can affect an employees impression of a company as well as overall satisfaction  Improving organizational climate is one of the top ways

20 min read
minimizing absence blog cover banner
Minimizing Absenteeism in the Workplace

Can you imagine that in Amazon almost ran out of workers   As reported by Recode If we continue business as usual Amazon will deplete the available labor supply in the US network by   Even the founder Jeff Bezos was worried and said the company had to do a better job as an employer  

18 min read
choosing leadership styles
How to choose right leadership style for you

Meeting room at Pixar studios most powerful people stay quiet for the first minutes Meanwhile story artists producers and writers shoot suggestions and offer criticism to directors to help them develop their films With power removed from the room creativity flows freely It is only at t

21 min read
disengaged employee
Is your employee disengaged? Here’s what you can do

  Amazon created a whirlwind back in as employees reportedly slammed each other through an internal review system In an effort to improve employee engagement Amazon had launched an internal review system called Anytime Feedback where employees were free to evaluate their peers whenev

25 min read
best employee retention strategies
Developing Employee Retention Strategies for 2024

Only % who sign up to drive for Ubers ridehailing service are still driving a year later as per a report by The Information Fulltime employees left the company at an elevating pace bringing the attrition rate to % in just June of   This was owing to factors like unfair compensation notip ru

19 min read
people employer organization
What is PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and How Does It Work?

As employment needs are becoming more and more complex businesses are seeking costeffective HR support PEOs or Professional Employer Organizations offer HR solutions to businesses of all sizes handling payroll benefits and compliance tasks The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) market v

29 min read

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