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mental health day
From Silence to Strength: World Mental Health Day Unveiled

Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) discloses that over % of the world population is employed and an astonishing % of adults within working age are suffering from mental disorders This is a problem that not only affects individuals but also impacts workplaces as well as communities a

24 min read
top appraisal methods
How to Choose the Right Performance Appraisal Method for Your Culture

As an employer you might be frustrated with how performance appraisals fall short of delivering expected outcomes They are timeconsuming and its difficult to know an employees true contributions Moreover the feedback provided seems to have little impact on employees growth If this is how apprais

19 min read
performance management challenges
Manager’s Guide to Tackle Challenges in Performance Management

Deloitte does it differently   During performance reviews it asks leaders not what they think of team members but what they would do with them   Dont be stuck in the past Yank into the future Possibilities await there   This redesign is an attempt to snatch back extra hours spent

23 min read
acing self evaluation
How to Ace Your Self-Evaluation: Writing Tips for Success

Selfevaluations are a part of the performance review process and have been around for several decades The concept gained more popularity as organizations set out to promote a culture of selfimprovement and employee engagement Writing a selfevaluation often brings feelings of reluctance anxiety a

15 min read
reinvent feedback in the workplaces
Feedback Unplugged: Is it Time to Reinvent Traditional Approaches for Modern Workplaces?

According to a Gallup survey companies that conduct regular feedback witness % lower turnover rates than other firms If you find this statement hard to believe here is a short instance of a company that made it a reality During the early s Adobe Systems took a revolutionary approach to their

19 min read
ocb cover banner
Going above and beyond – What is OCB? Does it impact an organization’s performance?

What is Organizational Citizenship Behavior A Reallife Story of a Plane Crash In an airplane with passengers and crew members was hit by a flock of birds barely minutes after takeoff disabling both engines The plane was captained by a veteran named Chesley Sullenberger also known as Sully Altho

20 min read
Impactfull CHRO
How to strengthen business acumen of a CHRO?

The Chief Operating Officer (CHRO) of a midsized company Alex is well known for his impressive people management skills They have developed a strong HR staff implemented an optimal talent acquisition strategy and developed a comprehensive professional development program Alex on the other hand doe

21 min read
Absenteeism: Understanding this menace and how to enhance employee retention

What is Absenteeism If your job function involves hiring talent or solving issues related to people at your workplace then you would know the growth potential and complexities arising out of persontoperson and persontobusiness communication HR professionals and senior business leaders are inheren

23 min read
Grievance Management
Grievance Management for HR Leaders – Examples, Solutions, and Frameworks

One common thing in todays corporate landscape from which even the biggest cheerleaders of positive work culture and market giants are not immune is the wave of employee grievances In recent years several highprofile grievance scandals have grabbed the worlds eyeballsThey ranged from market g

37 min read

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