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Grievance Management
Grievance Management for HR Leaders – Examples, Solutions, and Frameworks

One common thing in todays corporate landscape from which even the biggest cheerleaders of positive work culture and market giants are not immune is the wave of employee grievances In recent years several highprofile grievance scandals have grabbed the worlds eyeballsThey ranged from market giant

37 min read
Succession Planning Roadmap for a Smooth Transition
Succession Planning: A Roadmap for a Smooth Transition to the Future

Without the right succession planning put to play in human resources we build for the future without a future   Mmanti Umoh Umohs quote is a reminder that succession planning is not an afterthought Unfortunately most organizations view succession planning as a onetime event rather than an ongoi

35 min read
How to start data-led talent transformation

Call center workers found to be creative in surveys conducted by Xerox a printing firm stayed around longer with it than those who asked too many questions As did active social media users  Such databacked predictions on employees helped the firm which was battling soaring turnover costs cut the

28 min read
The HRs Guide to Benefits Management

The Decade of the Pandemic is how this decade would be described   We saw three pandemics heading our way from the Covid pandemic to the Great Resignation and now the wave of layoffs These have brought a new change to the business environment HR managers and recruiters were the worst affected

19 min read
Acing Shift Management
Acing Shift Management: Tips and Best Practices

The manufacturing plant was humming along producing products at a steady pace However behind the scenes a manual shift management system was causing chaos and delays The shift manager was responsible for scheduling the right number of employees with the necessary skills for each shift but their reli

16 min read
The Art and Science of Calculating Employee Costs and Value

Theres an old HR joke that goes HR would be so much easier if we didnt have to deal with people   While dealing with people is not easy HR professionals also have additional responsibilities to manage One example of this is calculating employee costs and value It is a formidable challenge for b

36 min read
How to create competency framework that fuels your business
How to create competency framework that fuels your business

In World War II the US Army Air Corps did something different that helped them win   The Axis firepower on the opposite side had swelled and become more lethal Only innovation could help defeat it   So the Americans selected and trained fighter pilots based on what they did rather than wha

38 min read
Leadership pipeline: Stepping stone to startup success

Can failures create leaders The kind who challenge the norm who experiment Who innovate and adapt Leaders who learn  It did for Qualcomm The wireless technology firm uses an unconventional means to nurture leaders by fabling the failures of its employees For them each blunder is not a missed

33 min read
Building Positive Company Culture
How to Build a Positive Work Culture?

According to Andrew Chamberlain chief economist at Glassdoor the top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay  It is the culture and the values of the organization closely followed by the quality of the senior leadership and career opportunities for the employees within the company  Th

11 min read

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