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This MIT Professor Explains What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work

Two Most Basic Human Desires Are Validation And Recognition If a person is working hard they want someone they look up to or admire to witness their journey If people toil hard to achieve something they would want to be noticed and applauded for their efforts Without any notice or appreciation moti

7 min read
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The Role of Diversity in Fostering Employee Engagement

Earlier This Year A Viral Blog By A Female Employee At Uber Set Social Media On Fire It clearly brought out how female employees in top technology industries are still at a disadvantage because of their gender This was followed by a public apology by the CEO Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

8 min read
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Employee Experience Lessons From Ford Motor Co.

Category Leaders Across The World Are ReLooking At Their Employee Engagement Strategies Ford Motor Co with an employee strength of nearly employees across countries recently developed a new people strategy The HR team deployed a company wide polling process which acted as a platform f

6 min read
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Your Managers Might Be Making Your Employees Leave

Bad Managers Ruin Everything It is true that employees dont quit jobs they quit managers Good managers are good for business It is estimated that better managers can save businesses $ billion annually in productivity by mobilizing maximizing and monetizing talent The problem of high employee

8 min read
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5 Tips to Keep Your Millennial Workforce Engaged

Only % Of Millennials Are Engaged At Work ~ Gallup With an ever increasing growth in the composition of millennials in the workforce understanding their needs and applying strategies for their retention has become extremely critical Employee engagement is after all a real world problem So many m

8 min read
6 Best Practices to Welcome New Employees in your Organization

Introducing New Employees Into The Organization Is A Tedious And Major Function For HR Professionals especially if they have to onboard a huge number of people on the same day It is imperative for HR Manager to prepare new employees to succeed at their job and at the same time fully engaged and prod

5 min read
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10 Main Objectives of Human Resource Management (HRM)

The worlds way of working has changed and so has how people spend time at work Demands for employees have changed too Technology is at the forefront of everything The use of HRM software in future is rapidly increasing as businesses strive to become more efficient and productive Roles are becomi

12 min read
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Importance of Strategic Management in an organization

A WellKnown Japanese Saying Goes When youre dying of thirst its too late to think about digging a well Planning is something that we do consciously or habitually all our lives From making big career moves to the simplest of tasks such as presenting an idea every measure requires considerable amo

6 min read
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Importance of organizational behaviour

Organizational behavior involves interaction between individuals and groups How does this interaction affects everyone in the organization becomes a big question An effective organizational behavior strategy motivates employees to perform their best by making them an integral part of the team When f

8 min read

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