team building activities during lockdown
10 Team Building Activities During Lockdowns

An increasing number of employees are working from home globally due to the recent COVID outbreak The biggest challenge that HR leaders and managers are facing is keeping their employees engaged in the workplace In this article we share ten team building activities that your virtual team members wil

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employee engagement initiatives
Employee Engagement Initiatives to Boost Morale Post Lockdown

The Novel Coronavirus Has Been Ravaging Every Corner Of The World It has challenged our way of living and working disrupting the status quo of life as we knew even a few months ago Businesses came to halt leaving hundreds of employees losing their jobs After the forced lockdown busine

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managing team spirit
Managing Team Spirit in the Post Pandemic World

As Employees Have Stayed Locked Down Inside Their Homes And Limited To Their MakeShift Study Tables For All Their Working Hours The Monotony Seems To Be Taking A Toll On Their Productivity And Also Hampering Their Collective Team Spirits While most of your employees have accepted

6 min read
managing workforce
Managing Your Workforce During a Crisis

The COVID “ Has Created Havoc Around The World Needless to say businesses are rebooting as we try to emerge out of the prolonged lockdown situation With social distancing becoming the new normal companies are adapting to new ways of working At this time of crisis HR leaders need to s

7 min read
hiring remote workforce
Hiring Remote workforce – Is it for You?

Hiring Remote Workforce Has Lately Become Popular And Given The Convenience It Brings This Practice Is Here To Stay Today most companies across the globe are moving towards hiring remote workforce to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring the best talent As todays jo

7 min read
building a winning team culture
Secrets to Building a Winning Team Culture

When It Comes To Building A Winning Team Culture In An Organization Many Leaders Often Tend To Underestimate The Importance Of Culture And The Value That It Can Bring In Any Organization A positive team culture speaks a lot about your organization and can affect the bottomline of

6 min read
employer branding
The Reason You Should Worry About branding

A Brand Represents An Organizations Values Promises To Its Customers And Employees Its Work Culture And What It Stands For Today organizations run their businesses on their brand value A brand is no more seen as just a logo and a set of specific colors but more than that A brand repre

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core value
5 Steps to Define Core Values in Company and Ideology Behind it.

Organisations That Are Leaders In The Market Are Not Just About Their Balance Sheets They Have An Identity And Embody Something Here it is not only the brand perception that matters but also the internal health of the organization This identity comes through the core values a company has adopte

13 min read
Employee Burnout
7 Tips to Control Employee Attrition

Employee Attrition Is Common For Every Business Especially With The StartUp Boom And Gig Economy Taking Over As per Gartners Global Talent Monitor % of the workforce across the globe is actively seeking a new job When an employee leaves it becomes a costly affair for the company because they need

6 min read
5 Things You Should Look for In Prospective Candidates for a Job
5 Things You Should Look for In Prospective Candidates for a Job

Hiring Managers And Recruitment Experts Know How Crucial It Is To Hire The Right Candidate For The Organization They also know how difficult it is to find the right candidate who not only knows hisher job well but can also align with their organizations culture seamlessly As per Gartner slow and p

5 min read

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