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Team Building Activities
Team Building Activities: Key to a More Collaborative Workplace

In todays fastpaced and interconnected world Effective teamwork lies at the heart of successful organizations thriving educational institutions and highperforming sports teams As individuals come together to pursue a common goal it becomes important to cultivate a cohesive and collaborative envi

12 min read
Team names for workplace
Team Up for Success: Use Team Names to Drive Positive Employee Experience

Are you looking for ways to boost your team spirit and enhance your work environment A great team name could be the best thing you need This helps boost morale creates unity and fosters teamwork and healthy competition    Research shows that employees who feel a sense of identity and belon

12 min read
What is Employee Satisfaction and How do You Measure it?

In a perfect world all organizations expect their employees to be excited to come to work every day Engaged and eager to succeed in their roles with a positive attitude   Unfortunately that is not the case in the real world For example Friday rangoli competition doesnt keep employees satisfie

12 min read
employee engagement trends
Top Employee Engagement Trends for 2023

The idea of employee engagement has always been a contentious subject among corporate leaders It is fairly obvious that companies with a highly engaged workforce have a better probability of succeeding than their competitors Many companies on the other hand have failed to get employee engagement rig

17 min read
guide to engage employees
How to Engage Employees: An Ultimate Guide (2022)

The term employee engagement is a popular concept And we can see how engagement in the workplace has evolved significantly from the initial definition in to today The emphasis is no longer on the employees to just be satisfied but rather on the employers to ensure that each employee feels fulfi

18 min read
performance appraisal comments
120+ Performance Appraisal Comments to Convey the Right Feedback

Giving feedback to employees can be tough Especially when it is negative   Managers often go wrong with this leading to employees walking out of their performance appraisal meetings confused  It is important to communicate clearly and effectively to help your workforce understand their p

20 min read
employee cartoon image
5 Innovative Employee Engagement Activities For Your Team

Before you start spinning the wheel and plan engagement activities you first need to realize that employee engagement is not just conducting events but one of the most essential functions which impacts the culture and performance of the organization Start by looking at the team as real individual

9 min read
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7 things to do on Christmas for employee wellbeing

a year that has been merciless on everyone and has taken the word unpredictable to a whole new level Nevertheless on the flip side some good things went well like Working From Home as we got the opportunity to stay with our families and also air pollution has been lowest in many years Of course

6 min read
office workers shaking hands
10 Refreshing Tips To Minimize Workplace Negativity

Employees are the most valuable assets for each and every organization And now with the Covid pandemic in the picture we see that HR teams and managers are rigorously working towards making it easier for the employees to adjust to this new normal With the emergence of remote work culture the role of

7 min read

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