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Product Managers across all levels

We have multiple open positions for product roles across all levels - from Associate Product Manager, Product Manager, all the way up to Senior Product Manager.

Imagine David fighting many Goliaths. Keka has been the bootstrapped David that beat the funded Goliaths with a strong product and zero marketing spend. Keka is now #1 in its segment and India's fastest-growing HR Tech platform. We are a product-led growth inspiration for the industry. And guess what? Now we have raised a series A to accelerate our growth.

We are creating a Product Management team to build our next leg of a 10x growth trajectory. We aspire to solve problems in the employee experience space and need people who care about them and are excellent problem solvers.

The traits we look in you

Skills can be learnt and unlearnt any time. But the attitude you bring to the table makes all the difference and gives purpose to those skills. That’s what matters to us most.

Curiosity that’s never quenched

A curious person asks the most powerful questions in the world: “Why?” They are self learners and aren’t satisfied with what people tell them. A curious mind is keen on knowing the problem to its core. They stay awake at night wondering what they’re missing and love the process of discovery. A trait every PM need to possess.

Good IQ. And Great EQ

Great PMs know how to build relationships and not just products. They are empathetic towards everyone (including customers and team). They also know their own strength and weaknesses and leave no stone unturned to grow their own skills.

Impatient to make an impact

You are hungry to make a dent in the universe. You can't wait to solve problems and have a hustler mindset for getting things done in the best possible manner. Fail fast is your mantra for success.

Intellectual Horsepower

Building a a simple to use HR platform is pretty complex. People failed at it for decades. Understanding its nuances, making quick correlations and coming up with new ideas and solutions requires a sharp acute mind and a penchant for seeking knowledge.

Fun to hang around

Bribe with a glass of beer and everything works. I know, I know. What about those other 60% that don’t drink? You must be an adept story teller that can connect with any personality and speak on any topic. You get it.

Extremely design centric

We don’t expect you to create beautiful visual design, but we do expect that you have experience creating simple and usable interactions. This is a trait only acquired by doing and not reading. Experience creating usable interactions is a must.

We solve people problems at work!

We are on a mission to transform workplaces where employees come to work inspired, feel safe, share a common purpose with peers and leaders, do their best work, and go home fulfilled.

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The PM career track at Keka

The word ‘Product Manager’ is most abused word on the earth right now! Every company has it’s own definition of a PM role, Here’s how the roles are at Keka.

pm career

The 101 perks of a PM role at Keka

We just prioritized the top 5 perks for you. The remaining are in the backlog 😉

Product-led organization culture

We are a product led organization where PM’s get to lead the product direction and make independent decisions without bureaucracy and a lot of stakeholder management

Work with founder & core team

You get to work first hand on the vision of the founding members that come with strong product, design and business backgrounds and are very hands-on.

Automation and Tech focused

We are extremely tech-driven and have automation and tools in place so you don’t have to do a lot of mundane work.

Lovely people - We call our product team ‘Brewery’ 🙂

There is enough sense of humor,

Design driven

You’ll love that we are a design driven product teams right from the CEO level all the way to engineering teams.

Zero or minimal delivery burden

While PMs are reponsible for product release, our engineering teams take up most of the delivery load, freeing PMs to focus more on product design and customer problems.

What you should possess

While the years of experience can vary based on seniority of the role, these are the minimum criteria we look for before shortlisting a profile.

  • Passion to build something or do something unconventional. Climbed a mountain, started a venture or played music for living? We are listening.
  • Excellent problem solving skills. You love solving problems head on and don't wait for someone to guide you.
  • Prior experience with software development. We expect our PMs to understand technology thoroughly and expect them to have a healthy discussions with the Engineering team.
  • Good with number crunching. You love data and can find hidden insights for the product improvement.
  • People person who loves working with stakeholders across departments and building consensus.

Our culture

Our people make all the difference.

We are an organization built by our employees. The passion and the extreme ownership that our people bring to the table is contagious. We don’t hide and we aren’t afraid to ask for help. When we fail we learn, adapt, and do better in the future. This open culture encourages our people to innovate, regardless of their function and across departmental boundaries.

Meet our team

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