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So much so that, we want passionate designers like you to join our tribe!

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We are hiring for all Product Design roles

We are a bunch of fun, loving, super passionate designers who love our craft. All of us have a different background - some are self-taught designers, some went to a design school, others are engineers turned designers. So if you are interested to be a part of our team, find out more about us as well as the work we do at Keka.


Traits we are looking for

Your design starts with ‘why?’

You question every thing that’s in front of you. Why this colour? Why this button? Why this feature? Why should this be built first? If you are someone who asks these questions, then you will get answers to build great experiences

Wow design

Design is either - yes, no, or WOW! Wow is the one to aim for (courtesy: Milton Glaser). Good designers are careful about the little aspects and pursue perfection relentlessly. You know well that designs are never too small or inconsequential.

Love problems not solutions

You love designing, we get that. But we don’t want you to jump to the solution first. We would like you to identify the problems users face, do problem scoping for personas and then go to Figma!

Curiosity is your third eye

You are always seeking more information and eager to discuss various ideas with fellow designers. You believe in the adage, ‘stay hungry, stay foolish.’

Fun to be around

You are a fun loving person who likes to converse with people and talk about life after a busy day at work. We love people with interesting hobbies, tell us about it in your interview


Fun stuff we do

Design watch sessions

The entire design team sits together to watch a design video/documentary and have a brief discussion about the same.

Workation happening soon

The team is planning to go to Himalayas for a workation. We believe in working hard and partying harder.

Gaming nights

Since most of us are gamers, we get together on weekends to play on the PS5, Switch and PC.

Sport enthusiasts

We play TT almost every day in office, we are also planning to go on cycling marathons and road trips soon.


Perks of working with us

Designers dictate developers, not the other way round

We are a design focused start-up, everyone from sales, engineering to customer sucess teams value design and promote a better user experience so our customers have a great experience while using Keka

Feedback comes free, with love

As designers, we all strive to obtain feedback to improve our designs. In Keka, every designer and product person gives and receives critical and useful feedback for the designs presented

Our CEO is a designer

Our entire website was designed by our CEO, Vijay, who also happens to be a designer and jumps to pixel perfection in his designs. Ya we know, CEO designers are rare.

Designing at scale

We churn out more than 500+ screens every quarter, and are expanding our user base as well as design team at a rapid pace. Its time we start thinking about designing at scale so we can scale Keka to greater audience

Design system - time to take it to the next level

We have a matured web DS and are currently building our mobile DS. We want to take both of them to the next level and make it more useful for cross-functional teams.

B2C experience in B2B

We love Swiggy, Instagram and Discord mobile apps for their design and are here to give the same level of experience to our users. Just because we are B2B, doesn’t mean we will cut corners in design.


Here is what designers say


Your next step, apply!

If you find our ways of designing interesting, apply for the below roles. Also, please submit your portfolio while applying so we know your design process. We are eager to talk to you.

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