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People first platform for Professional Services Automation

Manage your projects profitably by optimizing resource utilization, aligning KPIs and predicting hiring needs with precision.  

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Redefine your approach to managing projects

Running a services business is challenging. It’s fraught with tough competition and narrow profit margins. Keka's PSA platform assists services businesses to manage projects, optimize resources, and increase profit margins in a competitive landscape.

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Win more projects with existing and new customers

Keka PSA Customers

Everything you need to create a high-revenue services culture


Filling timesheets is no longer a hassle for employees, thanks to keka’s delightful interface

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Resource Planning

Enhance your project margins by efficiently managing your resources

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Billing & Revenue

Handle all your services billing, invoicing, revenue and expenses from a single platform

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Talent Management

A fully integrated HCM platform that helps you manage all aspects of your employees

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Manage Projects

Track and manage each project with tight control over budgets and resources

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All your employee information stored in one central location and accessible from anywhere

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PSA for your Industry

Find out more about Keka’s dedicated industry-based PSA software, built to help businesses manage their people and projects better

Technology Services

An end-to-end PSA software that helps IT firms manage all aspects of their services business

Management Consulting

Dedicated platform for management consulting firms to govern multiple projects and resources

Account & Financial Services

PSA Optimized for accounting and financial services through automated workflows and streamlined operations

Marketing Services

An end-to-end platform to track time, resources, billing and expenses all at one place

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