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Just run the payroll. Compliance is built-in and automatic!

Keka takes care of all your compliance requirements with your local and national authorities. All this automated, so you do not have to do all the mundane work. 

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Payroll with In-built Compliance.

Provident Fund compliance

PF calculations with automatic  electronic filing input

Keka Payroll software allows you to set up your provident fund rules based on employee salary ranges or management bands. Configure provident fund to be part of CTC or outside CTC, Keka will take care of all the math for you. At the end of the payroll, we will generate the electronic file format.

PF Calculation with Automatic Filing Input

ESI Compliance

ESI computations and electronic challan filing

Configure ESI applicability and computation rules using Keka payroll for your full time and hourly employees. Keka automatically generates the filing outputs meeting the ESI office standards.

ESI Computation and Challans

Professional Tax Compliance

Professional Tax with your state-specific rules built in

Professional Tax calculation and compliance forms vary for each state. Keka takes the pain away from all these variations. It automatically deducts Professional tax and generates compliance forms for each of the states. You can still customize the rules to handle your complex scenarios.

PF tax as per state rule
Swayam Jaiswal
No need to worry about Compliance now. PF calculations, Tax, TDS, LWF, and everything else is calculated automatically by Keka.
Swayam Jaiswal Head HR | Boodmo
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No need to worry about Compliance now. PF calculations, Tax, TDS, LWF, and everything else is calculated automatically by Keka.

Swayam Jaiswal

Swayam Jaiswal

Head HR | Boodmo

Income Tax Compliance

Comprehensive TDS (IT) calculations and eTDS returns

Keka automatically creates breakup of your allowances and deductions as per IT department prescribed sections and creates TDS filing statements and challans for you to file electronically.

TDS Calculation and eTDS return

Income Tax deduction filings

One-click Form 24Q generation with automatic FVU validation

IT department requires that you file the returns every quarter in the prescribed electronic form. All that is automatic with Keka Payroll software.

Form 24Q generation FVU validation

Tax deduction adjustments

Prorated tax deductions to handle revisions, bonuses, tax declarations, loss of pay etc

Keka ensures the tax deductions comply within a given Financial year, despite changes in salaries, bonus payments, leave encashments, or loss of pay. So your employees can draw the best take-home salary while staying compliant.

Bonus Calculation

Labour welfare fund

LWF contributions covered for all the states

Labor welfare fund contributions are mandatory in certain states. The computations and the filing requirements vary for each state and Keka will help you figure that automatically.

Labour Welfare Fund Calculation

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With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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