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Whether setting traditional objectives/goals or defining OKRs (Objective Key Results), Keka has all of it in its PMS basket. Keka is the only platform that lets you set traditional goals and define a modern top-down goal-setting approach. OKRs are aligned to ensure that each employee moves in the same direction with clear objectives and rhythm.

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Goals and OKR examples

Modern goal system

OKR software for aggressive new generation companies

Implementing Keka OKR software means evolving with technology. Keka is the system developed by a passionate tech-savvy squad that will never let you beneath your competition. Keka’s modern goal management system unites your entire organization for a common vision. A modern framework, attractive user interface, smooth functioning, and real-time progress tracking surely makes your team productive.

Modern Goal Management System for new generation company

Individual focused goal system

Goals and KPIs focused on individual performance

Keka is a team of success seekers and exactly know the path to achieve organizational goals. Every achievement starts with individual goal setting, and Keka does that for you. With Keka's OKR tool, employees can define their personal goals and objectives. It's also easy to update them daily to achieve short-term goals and accelerate self-motivation.

KPIs and Goals focussed on Individual performance

Goal Collaboration

Work better with collaborative objectives

Keka OKR solution allows you to set team-wise collaborative goals and track the progress. When a team works towards collaborative objectives, it brings immense motivation, trust and transparency within teams.

Work Better with Collaborative Objectives
Swapan Kumar Manna
In this new normal, we were looking for a solution that will give us complete control over our people operations, and Keka became a perfect fit for us.
Swapan Kumar Manna CEO & Director | Zothenix
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In this new normal, we were looking for a solution that will give us complete control over our people operations, and Keka became a perfect fit for us.

Swapan Kumar Manna

Swapan Kumar Manna

CEO & Director | Zothenix

Cascaded goals

Company-wide visibility of progress with cascaded goals

Keka OKR solution provides a hierarchy-based framework to give a shape to organizational goals. It will allow you to translate goals from one level to the next level to ensure coordination between individual goals and the company’s wide goals and objectives.

Align Individual Goals with Organisation goal with Cascaded Goals

Goal administration

Manage goals of thousands of employees

Keka helps Managers and HRs plan their okr framework with a bird's eye view dashboard, which helps them understand team goals across the department.

Goal Administration of thousands of employees made simple and easy

Goal Administration

Ensure timely goal progress updates

Keka's employee goal management software makes sure that managers and heads are updated with each status of objectives/goals. Admins can monitor and set reminders so that nothing gets delayed or missed.

Ensure timely Goal Progress

Frequently asked questions

What are OKRs and Goals?

OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results. Objectives are broad, measurable goals that are specific to a company, department, or a person. Key Results are metrics used to measure the success of the set Objectives. OKRs are time-bound and set monthly, quarterly, or annually. Goals, on the other hand, are long-term and strategic in nature.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software is a tool that allows people to set, track, measure, and evaluate results of a goal. It aligns the organizational goals with the departments, teams, and individuals to drive efforts towards a common goal. They accelerate performance through the monitoring, communication, and alignment of goals while also aiding in enhancing employee engagement and achievement of the mission of the company.

Keka’s OKR software allows real-time progress tracking for employees and managers, and they don’t have to wait until the end of the month to review. It also provides smart dashboards and insights into progress, allows cascading and aligning of goals, comments, setting team-wise goals, and receiving reminders.

While purchasing OKR software, make sure that it is simple and easy to use. It should be easy to check-in and track the status of team OKRs while also enabling users to update them when required. A simple dashboard is necessary to view the OKRs at a department or organizational level. Finally, it should promote discussions and collaboration within the team.

Keka’s OKR software consists of a modern goal management system that drives the efforts of the entire organization towards a common purpose. Employees can set their own goals and objectives that are in line with the KPIs and long-term organizational goals. They can be updated daily and customized according to the goals of the employees. Keka also lets employees set reminders to ensure that nothing is missed.

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