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GPS and Mobile tracking for your field force

Keka HR is the only one-stop solution for all your HR needs. It is user friendly, compatible, flexible, agile, and what not! It integrates with every aspect of time tracking right from capturing the time and location of an employee from anywhere, anytime, and any device. The best part is that it is fully integrated with payroll.

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Attendance Policies

Flexible policies for remote working employees

Keka HR offers the most flexible and configurable leave and attendance management system to manage any type of leave and attendance, especially for your employees working remotely. Employees can mark attendance from anywhere and on any device. Keka is all set to help you adapt to the new normal working trend.

Flexible Policy for remote employees

Biometric attendance

Track employee time at the office or on field

Keka Attendance tracking works well in scenarios where you have employees working in the office and or on the field. They can clock-in while in the office, go on the field to visit a customer, and punch their time at the client location. Come back to work and clock out for the day. The time clocking becomes completely seamless when you have your in-office attendance integrated with your biometric access devices.

Track Employee time at office and on Field

Device Authentication

Fingerprint and IMEI lock to prevent false identities

Keka takes care of the security at first. The system has a touch Id and passcode inbuilt in the mobile app which cannot be accessed by anyone else. It allows you to enable device authentication available in your mobile phone like passcode, pattern lock, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Fingerprint & IMEI lock to prevent false attendance punches
Kangan Monga
Keka is fun. Also, the most user-friendly software tool that I've ever come across to effectively manage HR KPI.
Kangan Monga Manager- HR | Karcher
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Keka is fun. Also, the most user-friendly software tool that I've ever come across to effectively manage HR KPI.

Kangan Monga

Kangan Monga

Manager- HR | Karcher

Live tracking (Coming Soon)

Live tracking dashboard

Keka gives you a bird's eye view of all your employee’s location status on a real-time basis on a single dashboard. It also gives you the statistics of employees present, absent, on-time, late, and not reported to work.

Track live location of your remote employee

Customer Order Form

Business Forms to collect information from the field

With Keka's customer order form you can collect customer’s requirement details such as product name, code, quantity. It will summarize each customer’s requirements in an organized way. Keka customer order document is simple to use so that your client can place an order any time without any hassle.

Customer Order Forms


Selfie attendance with facial recognition

Keka assures you with a secured tracking mechanism when it is about employee’s attendance and at the same time gives your employees a smooth user experience. The selfie attendance and facial recognition feature captures a snapshot of your employee. It then matches it with the employee database and authenticates it.

Remote clock in

Frequently asked questions

A GPS-based attendance system allows employees to mark their attendance online with the exact location, time, and date. It allows managers to track the working hours of employees who are working remotely or from other job sites.

An employee GPS tracking system helps remote employees or on-field employees manage their time and optimize their routes, which is used to facilitate mileage reimbursement, I.e., reimbursement for using a personal vehicle for work purposes. It particularly helps monitor the location of workers or goods, ensure accurate attendance records, and assign tasks more effectively.

The main objective of a GPS tracking system is to track the location of employees, equipment, or goods. By doing so, it offers several benefits such as:

  1. Identifying inefficiencies and gaps in workflows
  2. Accurate payroll and mileage reimbursements
  3. Increased employee safety
  4. Enhanced accountability and customer service

GPS attendance tracking involves a smartphone or a tracking device that requires a software or an application. When an employee arrives at a job site, he can use the GPS-enabled device to check in. Once the employee checks in, the location data is captured which is stored in a cloud-based system. After the employee checks out, the work hours are calculated.

Keka’s GPS attendance system allows users to mark their attendance from any device, especially for employees who work in the office or on-site or both. The system also has an inbuilt touch ID and passcode; users can enable device authentication as well. Managers can access real-time location status on a single dashboard and view the attendance statistics. Additionally, Keka’s customer order forms can be used to collect customer requirement details.

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