Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, you can’t manage to run your business without people. Hiring is an integral part of any organization and recruiters are the ones that make it happen. They are not just head-hunters for your organization but are relationship managers and network builders too.

But have you ever given it a thought on how to hire recruiters? While hiring the top recruiters might be challenging because of the stiff competition, you can consider hiring trainee recruiters and get them trained on-the-job to make the most suitable for your organization. Here are 8 strategies to get this plan to work.

Build An Employer Brand

Whether you are a recruiting firm or an organization that is built on manpower, you cannot do away with your people. Focus on building an employer brand where everyone would love to work. Build a strong culture that aligns with your company goals.

Only when you do that you are seen as a strong employer brand. Gartner says that only 23 % of employees strongly agree that they can apply their organization’s values to their day-to-day work. This is an important eye-opener. Get to practice what you stand for, literally.

Consider College Recruiting

If you are looking at hiring trainee recruiters, consider hiring from colleges. While you can pick up some of the best young minds, it is also an opportunity for you to promote your employer branding. College recruitment can be done in many ways – you can consider arranging a talk about the career path of a recruiter, current industry trends, and other relevant topics. Participating in job fairs and campus recruitments are also great ways to get into college recruiting.

Build Your Talent Pipeline For The Future

Use social media to attract candidates who might not be interested to join you at the moment, but may consider you when they start looking for a job. Build social media campaigns targeting freshers or anyone who is beginning to start looking for a job.

Present a strong case of employer branding to make yourself a preferred employer when they are ready for a job. Show a promising career path, perks and benefits, work culture, and anything else that makes you worthy as an employer. Build and nurture relationships with your audience before they consider you as an employer.

Have An Irresistible Benefit Package

Trainee recruiters have different priorities and perks that attract them and are different from those that attract full-time seasoned employees. Have a lucrative benefits package in place and communicate it clearly while hiring. Apart from the monetary benefits, talk about the other perks you have in place. This could be free lunches, pick up and drop facilities, reimbursement for journal subscriptions, medical benefits, etc.

Select The Right Job Boards

You need to know where your candidates are present before you start looking for them. When you have a clear idea about the demographics of your target audience, advertise in the right place where they are. Along with college job boards and job fairs, you can also look out for targeted platforms like Internshala or networking sites like LinkedIn to tap the young talent pool.

Employee Referrals

Ask your existing employees for a referral. This saves you from spending a lot on advertising or running a campaign. Since your employees are already aware of your work culture, your job becomes easier to convey your employer band to trainee recruiters.

Streamline Your Interview Process

Just like you, other recruiting firms might be having a similar hiring strategy. How do you stand apart and close the deal before anyone else? Apart from having creative recruitment strategies, work on streamlining your interview process, and communicating on time. Remember to be transparent at all times.

Build Future Leaders

Look into your trainee recruiter hiring as a unique opportunity to build future leaders. As Harver.com mentions, 74% of organizations have considered their trainees for full-time employment. So, look into your trainee hiring as a long-term investment and train them well so that they can themselves become future hiring leaders.

The biggest benefit of hiring a trainee recruiter is they see and learn the process by getting to work hands-on. Apart from getting good exposure to the business scenario they also get first-hand experience on the nitty-gritty of how to hire the top minds.

Hiring the trainee recruiters for your organization surely helps you to get a new perspective from the fresh and young minds. Trainee recruiters also have the potential to become full-time employees and later future leaders. Hence, you need to ensure you have a top-notch trainee recruiter hiring program in place.