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7 Ways to Encourage Diversity While Hiring

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Diversity Is Very Closely Associated With Globalization And Progress.

As more and more corporates are realizing the importance of having a diverse workforce, the onus of improving diversity in the workplace is falling on hiring managers and HR leaders.

Diversity is now an important part of recruitment strategies with a lot riding on its successful implementation. In a Gartner report, almost 73% of HR leaders identified the need for incorporating diversity in their recruitment strategy.

What Is Workplace Diversity?

Diversity at the workplace is not limited to having more women employees or hiring people of different faiths. Diversity, in reality, is a lot more diverse than this. It includes having employees from different:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Culture
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Education
  • Age
  • Physical disabilities and
  • Socio-economic status

A McKinsey report claims that organizations that leverage diversity in their board have a 95% higher return on their equity. That’s because a diverse workplace can be translated to a healthier workplace. It sends a positive outlook to both your employees and your customers. It shows that you as an organization credit meritocracy above anything else.

How To Encourage Diversity While Hiring?

Be Flexible

While recruiting you might have a narrow approach and focus only on the desired skillsets in your potential candidate. However, try to be open when you shortlist the candidates. For example, you can nurture the idea to recruit someone from a different industry to bring in a fresh approach.

Draft your job ad in such a way that it encourages candidates from different walks of life to apply for a position. In short, be flexible and open.

Tap Different Platforms

Sign up for a programmatic job ad to tap all the platforms. This will let the job ad to appear before potential candidates all over the internet and encourage more candidates to apply. Harver says that presently only 25% of recruitment advertising is programmatic job advertising.

Talk About Diversity All The Time

Diversity shouldn’t just be a part of your recruitment hiring strategy. You should be talking and encouraging diversity at all levels. Reflect your respect for diversity while projecting your employer brand, talk about all your diversity-related endeavors and achievements on social media. Encourage your leadership team to speak about diversity whenever there is an opportunity. Ingrain it in the DNA of your organization culture.

Showcase Your Diverse Workplace

If you have already build a robust diversity framework at the workplace, don’t shy away from talking about it. Shout out about your diversity-related policies and benefits. Showcase your diverse workforce through employee testimonials, videos on your career website. This will encourage people from different groups to apply. It will also portray your organization as a diversity-friendly workplace.

Train Your Recruiters

Recruiters are the first people who connect one-on-one with the candidates. Your recruiters must be well trained and know how to interview candidates from different backgrounds. Train them adequately and ensure they consider meritocracy with no room for biases.

Let Every One Do The Talking

Gartner report says that in a diverse workforce where the employer values the perspective of all their employees, the productivity increases by 12%. Remember, building a diverse workplace is not the responsibility of one person or one team.

Let your employees be the brand ambassadors. Encourage them to talk about it on social media, to their friends and family. Seek inputs from the leadership team on different diversity-focused initiatives. Make diversity a team effort.

Do A Diversity Hiring Audit

Do an internal audit of your diversity hiring to identify if your hiring strategy is working well. Only when you do an audit and have data, you know if the needle is moving. If you think the needle is not moving then identify bottlenecks and take necessary measures.

Incorporating diversity while hiring might not be an easy thing to do. However, practicing the seven tips as discussed above may help you steer in the right direction and become a pioneer in diversity hiring.

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