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7 best ways to advertise your job openings

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So you decided to advertise your job openings but don’t know where to get started.  

Your confusion is legitimate considering the plethora of methods and tools available, which lead to information overflow. In this article, I’ll take you through different recruitment advertisement options, help you understand the same, and finally aid in your decision-making. 

Why your advertisements aren’t working?  

The simple answer is every type of advertisement works if it stands out. It’s easy to reach candidates in this hyper-connected world but engaging with them is a different ball game. For best results, the advertisement should speak with your candidates apart from communicating job information.  

Take a look at brands now, and how they were ten years ago, there were massive cultural shifts and disbanding conventional beliefs, leading technology to talk to its customers in new ways. One of the notable changes is their welcoming and friendly conversational tone on social media—Zomato and Dunzo are the best examples. To be recognized and stand out, one must identify these shifts and trends and implement them in their operations.  

Recruitment advertising methods  

Here are some recruitment advertising methods that’ll be helpful to make a sound about your job openings and also, I’ll explain why each matter. Here we go.  

Internal job posting  

Your in-house talent can be a great pick for the job openings. Promoting jobs internally among employees is a great way to express an employer’s openness and fairness towards their employees. Further, it enables the culture of upskilling enhancing workforce’s capabilities and productivity. IJPs can promote employee relations as managers learn about employees and their skills and help them with guidance.  

Employee referral  

It’s okay if you can’t find suitable candidates from your employees, you can still broaden the talent pool by asking your employees to refer individuals worthy of the job. It can be very effective as it can be incentivized, and the message spreads faster through word of mouth through employees and to their friends and former colleagues.  

Social networks ads  

Almost all big social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube offer advertising services. You can advertise interesting ad copies for your vacancies to grab your candidates’ attention and increase applications traffic. The key is to know your target audience, what they do, and where they are and input these parameters and job information to the ad campaign so the platforms show ads to the right candidates. Most professionals use LinkedIn, start sourcing potential candidates on the platform with our guide.

Video advertising   

Did you know that video content is 1200% more effective than others? Most companies prioritize video in their marketing plans because the conversion rate is more, in other words, more applications. You can make a recruitment video on your own or get more professional with a video production agency. Whatever your choice is, ensure the EVP is perfectly sold to your candidates. 

Employer branding   

MNCs have the edge over mid-sized and smaller companies in getting their name through markets and potential candidates. Here’s where employer branding props up the SME employers. With a data-backed marketing strategy coupled with the right EVP or Employee Value Proposition messaging and tone, you can create your own space in the talent market. To build a strong employer brand, employee advocacy is the driving factor, hands down. The more your employees talk about your company with the outside world, the more credible and authentic your brand will become. So, keep each eye on both.  

Print media advertising  

Over the years, there’s a rapid decline in print advertising owing to social media and incoming new advertising technologies. Does that mean print is officially dead today? Well, not exactly. People think it’s irrelevant because most candidates consume information through different mediums, and it isn’t easy to direct traffic to their sites. Whereas print advertising is so powerful, that it can drive digital conversations among the masses. Movies, consumer companies, and franchise outlets have seen successful reach and impact with newspaper and magazine advertisements. So why not recruitment? If you can get inspired by pioneer brands and create a great campaign, you can also get astonishing numbers.  

Billboard advertising  

Last but not least, we’ve billboard advertisements. They’re show-stoppers and create a remarkable long-term impact. The famous McDonalds and Burger King banter remain in our minds due to the funny roasts they exchange via billboard placements, and who didn’t talk about Netflix’s Dracula billboard last year? All great billboard ads convey an underlining message but take a unique creative approach. Opting for a billboard advert for recruitment means the message has to be crisp, quirky, and creative.   


The competition for talent is becoming tighter, and to attract and engage with suitable candidates, you must learn and adapt to the environment subject to cultural behaviors. With the right technology like Keka Hire in place, you can post jobs, enhance employer branding, candidate experience, and much more to find the right candidates for your business.   

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