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6 Ways to Handle Employees Who are Always Late

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Are You The Kind Of Business Leader Who Does Not Really Want To Make Employee Attendance Tracking A Core Part Of Your Work Culture?

Maybe you don’t want to be a leader who is obsessed with knowing who is respecting the time standards of the workplace and who is not. You understand that getting work done is more important and offering flexibility is key in today’s business world.

Irrespective of thinking this way, I am sure you have faced situations where some employees take this so called flexibility for granted. The point is – even though you are a leader who wants to get work done and offer flexibility in terms of timings, there are always some employees who are constantly late or absent without a compelling reason. Such behavior cannot and should not be ignored.

The reasons for this are many, such as:

  • Your employees who do come on time notice it.
    These employees who are actually on time and dedicated, start handling the tasks of employees who aren’t and end up getting stressed with too many responsibilities. This can make them resent the leaders and be bitter towards their employer for not taking any action against the employee who comes late.
  • If one person is irregular or non-serious, it affects the performance of the entire team.
    Everything falls behind schedule and can end up affecting the business. This will harm your company’s reputation in failing to deliver a product or service on time.


Thus, absenteeism is a problematic issue, but dealing with it continues to be a challenge. The way it is dealt with needs to be given utmost importance, as no one wants to be ridiculed for being irregular or late. As a business leader, you need to have a clear and consistent approach to deal with absenteeism and curb it.  few ways that can help:

Few ways that can help:

1. An Employee Handbook

Putting employee expectations in writing can be a great idea to get started. Create an employee handbook that spells out various policies on absenteeism and attendance in detail. The aim is to ensure that employees have access to all the information that they need to know before taking an off. The consequences of excessive absenteeism should also be stated as explicitly as possible.

2. Get The Facts Right

Before starting to charge employees who haven’t been showing good attendance records, you should be well prepared with examples and the dates and time they were absent. This will make your point more valid.

3. Choose The Venue Carefully

Whenever you do decide to have a detailed discussion about an employee’s timings, make sure you choose the venue with thought. Grabbing the employee by the cafeteria or any such public spot where other people can see you will arouse curiosity and might end up embarrassing the employee. Remember that this employee is valuable to your organization and hence choose a private area, even go out to the nearest coffee shop if need be.

4. Listen

Before starting to charge the employee with how he/she has been casual about attendance, make sure you listen carefully to what they have to say. Give your employee a chance to explain and suggest solutions accordingly. Based on the reaction of the employee, direct your conversation towards the end goal with concern and politeness.

5. Offer Help If Needed

If an employee has a valid reason for getting late to work every day (such as dropping off kids to school), make sure you make the necessary arrangements so that the employee is at ease. For such genuine cases, offer the option of a more flexible schedule that does not hamper your business or cause inconvenience to other employees.

6. Use Technology That Empowers

Invest in an attendance management software that lets you and your employees have access to their own and their team’s attendance data so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to taking leaves.

The above image shows how Keka’s attendance management software empowers employees and organizations with a common dashboard that gives everyone in the organization an all-round view on employee attendance.

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