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6 Tips on Social Media Recruiting Strategies

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With The Growing Popularity Of Social Media And Other Online Channels,

Every transaction from buying a book or booking a hotel, today, is done after seeking out more information and first-hand reviews. These reviews, feedbacks, and ratings are, however, available not just for commodities but also for organizations. How good is your culture, your salary structure, or your workplace facilities, a lot of this information is finding its way to social media?

Candidates are considering all of this before applying for a job at your company. This is why as an organization, you need to treat your potential candidates as consumers and sell your organization to them. There are many touchpoints that you need to tap to attract the right talent to your organization.

Even Gartner recommends that in this digital age organizations need to have a digital approach to attract the right talent. Here are some important aspects organizations need to  consider to build the right social media recruitment strategy:

Employment Branding

The research by Gartner also revealed that the quantity of social media posts and followers is not equivalent to engagements. Hence, your social media recruiting strategy should include talking about career-related topics that matter to the candidate.

A candidate will engage only when you can strike the emotional chord by talking about matters that he/she can relate to. In short, your posts should talk about diversity and inclusion in your workplace, the scope of professional development, the flexibility offered to working mothers, and so on.

To have a 360-degree coverage for your brand, make sure your organization has an active presence on all relevant social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels.

Candidate Experience

The kind of candidate experience you’re offering matters a lot when it comes to building your social media recruitment strategy. For example, an organization that is aiming to build a diverse workforce should have mobile application technology enabled so that a candidate can apply on the go.

However, only 6% of the companies ranked in the Gartner Talent IQ Index 2019 report to have mobile recruiting application technology. When you leverage a modern workplace and an awesome candidate experience it is most likely that the candidates and employees will talk about it positively on social media.

Two-Way Communication

The thumb rule of social media engagement. Once you post something, engage with your audience through two-way communication. Share content that has real value to the candidates. For example, talk about interview tips or how to crack an interview.

You may also share details about upcoming events, community service that your organization does, awards and recognitions, client wins, benefits for employees, etc. Engage in active communication to build your employer brand by asking and responding to your posts.

Know Your Competitors

It is important to know what your competitors are doing. Monitor what conversations they are having socially, how are they engaging. You can leverage tools like LinkedIn’s Talent Pool Report that helps you to analyze your stand as compared to your competitors while the Social Recruitment Monitor lets you measure your performance against your competitors.

Employees As Brand Ambassadors

Identify a few employees you trust and leverage their personal social media channels. If only 2 percent of employees can help you spread the word, it will positively affect 20 percent of the company’s overall social engagement. Let it work to your stride.

Ask, Ask And Ask

Only when you ask, you know what your audience wants to read and learn about. And hence, you can tweak your social media recruiting strategy accordingly that is high on engagement.

Today as a recruiter you need to build multiple touchpoints with your candidates and engage with them socially. Gone are the days when companies used to post job ads and received applications based on that.

Now organizations leverage talent pools by engaging with candidates even before advertising a job. The more engagement you have, the more likely it is that a candidate will choose you over your competitors while applying for a job.

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