More than anything else, it is extremely effective in eliminating the stress from a job interview allowing potential employees to express their views in a more friendly environment.

Recruitment doesn’t have a successful one-for-all defined path. Thus, it is extremely important that recruiters consider the industry, company, role, position, geographical location, and work culture to develop a fail-proof recruitment plan.

Creative Strategies To Recruit

Why Is Creativity Important In Recruitment

Finding top talent is an extremely difficult task. What makes it even more difficult for newer or lesser-known companies is that the top talent often chooses to work with companies they are familiar with.

Thus, a little creativity here and some publicity there will help potential employees locate and develop interests in opportunities that are offered by the firms that they wouldn’t notice otherwise. It is no longer just about your brand for your consumers.

It is also about creating a brand as an employer by making job ads attractive and recruitment drives seamless.

To land the top talent in innovative fields like sales, engineering, innovative recruitment ideas that are out of the box, and turn the right heads are needed. This innovation and creativity begin much before the core recruitment process. It starts with the name of the position, the job description, the style of applications and its reviewing, and the final assessment and selection.

Get the idea rolling by thinking about:

  • How can the name of the role be made more appealing, interesting, and fun?
  • Is there any mode by which the application process can be made fun?
  • What fun element can be added to the assessments?
  • What is the competitor doing? How can we do better and attract better minds?

If adding this creative element seems like a daunting task, don’t worry.  Here is a list of ideas to help you to attract the best talent in town!

Hire From The College Fests That You Sponsor

If you are an organization into niche services or even a conglomerate offering a variety of services there is a high possibility that you are often approached for college festival sponsorships.

This can be leveraged into a great opportunity where subject to some terms you would offer the winners an internship opportunity that can later be converted into a full-fledged full-time job.

Not only do you discover fresh talents that are easier to mold to your company’s requirements, but the young minds are full of out-of-the-box ideas to take your company forward.

Organize Contests:

Looking for an investment banker? Run mock stocks!

Looking for an operations strategist? Conduct a case study based content!

There is an option for every discipline and role.

High achievers find challenges interesting, making these challenges the best way to attract them. These contests also help you filter people as per ideas and approaches that suit your team the best.

These contests can be run at multiple levels such as colleges, with state-run incubation centers or even professional bodies for medicine, research, or accountancy.

Conduct Happy Hours

In an era of work-life balance and employees seeking self-growth, most employees would want to be familiar with the organization they are joining. One great way to do this is to host happy hours for potential candidates or invite shortlisted applicants.

To attract top talent you can even push and promote such events on industry-relevant websites, your company’s social media networks, or ask both currents as well as ex-employees to invite potential referrals.

Make this event well packed with a tour of the office, some insights about the company, networking, and powered with some refreshments. More than anything else, ensure that your HR staff and team leaders are simultaneously conducting formal interviews then and there.

This works especially well for organizations looking to fill multiple positions. Moreover, even the candidates are more comfortable as they know that they are not competing for the same position.

Share Employee Stories On Instagram:

Since you can’t escape social media, embrace it! If there is a perception that your employees are loved, cared, and respected, potential passive candidates will surely want to work for you.

Share employee stories on your social media pages and let them take over the page and show the world how their usual day is. This also depicts a very clear picture of life at work, the culture, and the atmosphere.

Leverage The Power Of The Internet

It is 2020 and everyone is on the internet. If engagement is key to marketing, so is it to recruitment.

To keep in touch with potential candidates, actively answer any questions about your company on Quora, host Ask me anything sessions on Reddit, optimize Google Jobs and keep yourself active on information channels like medium or Behance by posting about your latest challenges and projects.

This keeps you engaged and in touch with potential candidates who know what to expect from working with you.

Creative hiring is the way to go when everything is about experiences and the rat race is also about hiring the best talent.

What are the other innovative ways that can lead us to qualified talent? Let us know in the comments section.