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5 Important Organizational Values That A Christmas Tree Can Signify

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With the cold breeze and chilling night comes, Christmas – that wonderful time of the year with melodious carols and cheerful evenings, which creates a warm and happy environment.

The season of exchanging gifts and good wishes greatly help in strengthening not just personal, but professional relationships too.

It is the most loved time of the year, celebrated with different fun filled activities like secret santa games, Christmas dinners, snowman contests and many more.

And, of course, the Christmas Tree, which is an integral part of the celebrations. Each decoration on the tree has a unique and special significance. Let’s see how it helps to rediscover the true essence of Christmas and the extent to which it helps the organization to prosper.

1. Star

The star on the top of the tree, signifies the one, that guided the Wise Men to the Jesus in Bethlehem. It acted as the ray of hope and helped in defining the path to the destination. Does this sound similar to the role of someone in the organization? Yes, the leaders! They are the one’s who can guide us to perform efficiently and climb up the ladder to achieve success.

2. Candles/Lights

Initially, candles were used in place of electric lights for the decoration, however, the significance remains the same. Candles denote elimination of darkness and filling the world with the light of knowledge. What better if you could offer your employees an opportunity to increase their knowledge base and grow in their career! This will indeed help in motivating the employees and also ensuring them that the organization is willing to invest in their career growth.

3. Bells

The bells were used by the shepherds to find their lost sheep. Hence, it is said to symbolize guidance and return. Similarly, having regular performance reviews with your employees will ensure that they are provided with the required guidance. This will also help in having a proper feedback discussion, which is very helpful for the employees as well as the managers to make sure that they do not divert in achieving the set goals.

4. Tinsels

Tinsel is derived from a French word “Estincele”, meaning sparkle. As the name suggests, it is the piece used to decorate, which was earlier made of real silver strings. It is now found in various colors and patterns, meant to beautify the Christmas Tree. Now this strikes a bell, for even an organization could offer something similar to it’s employees! Yes, this is a great opportunity for appreciating them for their sparkling performance by designing an exciting rewards & benefits program.

5. The Trunk

All these celebrations and practices represent the traditions and culture that the organization follows. Culture is the trunk of an organization, which plays a significant role in building a strong basis of overall development and growth of the organization.

Not to forget, no Christmas celebration is ever complete without the Santa and gifts! Santa Claus is believed to bring gifts that we find under the Christmas Tree, in the same way, once we ensure that the employees are happy and motivated in the work place, it will definitely result in more productivity and success to the organization which are nothing but the gifts for the efforts we put in.

Just as the Christmas Tree looks beautiful when decorated with all these elements, the organization too, will be able to grow and prosper when all these measures are taken.

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