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Like it or not, you’ve read a blog for at least once in your life, and you reading this makes it even more evident now. It could be out of sheer desperation to find an answer or a fact check or make a buying decision, a blog is where we get our heads around. While the importance of a blog can be a whole different topic, let’s get back to what you came here for.

Apart from fulfilling your HR roles and responsibilities, you would also want to find and learn the industry trends and best practices. With the COVID scenario, it becomes even more critical to your awareness of happenings in the industry. It helps you take new initiatives and informed decisions for your organization.

Of course, you can find a ton of resources available on the internet, but there are constraints of authenticity and relevancy. On top of that, you also waste a lot of time and effort in finding the best reads or the topics of your niche.

Well, guess what? You’re in luck. Here’s a compiled list of the top 10 HR blogs that are worth reading. Whether you are an avid reader or just starting out these blogs fit right into your bookmarks.

(Note: This list is not arranged in an ascending or descending order of the best but randomly placed)

Evil HR Lady

It’s a place where you can find anything and everything about HR. Started in 2006 by Suzanne Lucas, the articles are penned by her, which talk about various facets of HR. You can find pieces that are relevant to the times and trending topics. Her storytelling and inclusion of personal experiences make reading and learning much intriguing.

Spotify HR Blog

The world’s most popular music streaming service Spotify also has its dedicated HR blog contributed by its people. The articles give an in-depth view of how the company works to craft itself as a better workplace. Indeed, you would want to learn and implement a few of their practices in your organization. A list of categories is made available to pick the reads according to your taste.

You can also listen to Spotify HR podcasts, where the hosts talk and share things about Spotify’s workforce and company that impact their culture.

Snack Nation

Snack Nation isn’t all about delivering healthier choices of snack brands but also helps companies improve workplace culture, employee engagement, and productivity. They share vivid ideas and have unique storytelling through their blog, making it a must-read for the HR professionals.

HR Zone

The best place to get leadership and business advice is right here. HR Zone provides more in-depth insights to build strong work culture, employee well-being, and strategic decisions. There’s a separate section containing the latest reports, studies, and playbooks for HR professionals and business leaders.

Harvard Business Review

HBR is a management magazine published by Harvard Business Publishing. It covers a wide range of topics for different businesses, job functions, and working individuals. HBR provides a platform for thought leaders, experts and professional practitioners to share their learnings and advice in the form of articles, videos, and case studies. They have excellent research backing for every concept they talk about, making the content even more credible.


With hiring and recruitment as fundamental cornerstones, Workology brings you the best practices. It is an excellent source to know what’s trending in HR as they keep their content relevant and up to date. They have 250+ authors who excel in HR so that you can expect the best writeups.


Unlocked’s blog provides quality content on people management and office operations. Whether you are an HR professional or a manager, you can find the best advice. Notable topics they cover are hiring, employee well-being, and workplace culture.

Abhijit Bhaduri Blog

Abhijit has authored two books, and he contributed to eminent publications such as HBR, NHRD, and People Matters. His blog imparts ideas and principles on organizational and personal development, leadership strategies, and the Future of Work. He has a unique style of drawing sketches and scribbles through which he depicts important learnings and pieces of advice.


Recognition and appreciation keep employees motivated and moving, but how do you go about it? Fond gives you the best content about managing and engaging talent, employee engagement, and diversity & inclusion. You can sift through other categories provided on their blog on which they write.

Keka HR

We at Keka are dedicated to educate the HR community and help them in making informed decisions. Eminent industry leaders give big picture of industry trends and share their expertise with the fraternity through our live webinars. Explore articles and videos relating to diverse areas of HR from our resources.

I hope that this list helps you in deriving value and much-needed insights straight from the authors of respective sites. Happy reading!

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